The Adventist Theological Academy

seeks to strengthen the faith of pastors and church members around the world by providing some of the best biblical scholarship in the Adventist church in a format that is clear and easy to understand.

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Faithful to the Scriptures

Adventist scholars introduce the 66 books of the Bible in 26 thirty-minute videos you can share.

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John, Historical Jesus, Textual Criticism

There are more than 5000 manuscripts of the New Testament and none of them is exactly the same as the other? Is the New Testament that we have today reliable?

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Faith and Reason

First Corinthians 2:14 says that spiritual things are discerned spiritually. What does it mean to read the Bible spiritually?

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What is the purpose of the Adventist Theological Academy? What are the plans for the future?

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Episode 6: The Pentateuch (Part 2)

With: Richard M. Davidson

Episode 15: Minor Prophets (Part 1)

With: Jiří Moskala

Episode 8: Historical Books (Part 2)

With: Efraín Velázquez

Episode 26: Revelation (Part 2)

With: Ranko Stefanovic

Episode 19: The Pauiline Epistles (Part 1)

With: Carl P. Cosaert

Episode 25: Revelation (Part 1)

With: Ranko Stefanovic

Episode 23: Acts and the General Epistles (Part 1)

With: Felix H. Cortez

Episode 17: The Gospels (Part 1)

With: Thomas Shepherd

Episode 04: Biblical Hermeneutics

With: Richard M. Davidson and Jiří Moskala

Testimonies of our students aims to promote sound biblical scholarship among Seventh-day Adventist Bible students, pastors, teachers, theologians and scholars.

Anabel Renck

“The ‘Faithful to the Scriptures Series’ provides a complete coverage of the principal topics of study regarding the Bible and gives strong support to Adventist beliefs. May God bless this beautiful and important project.”



Sâo Paulo, Brasil

Angel Guzman

Congratulations for the beautiful work you have done in this site. The programs are very interesting. I liked specially the presentations by Carl P. Cosaert. Blessings!!


Ph. D. Student

Silang Cavite, Philippines

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The New Testament bears the good news of God’s salvation of humanity through Jesus. What is the function of the Pauline epistles in the communication of this message?

The Pauline Epistles

The Apostle Paul wrote extensively to churches and individuals answering questions of faith and Christian life. Some of the most comforting messages of God’s grace are found in Paul. Many of the questions regarding Paul’s teachings arise because of our distance in time and culture from Paul. Are Paul’s teachings relevant for us today? Dr. Carl P. Cosaert has interesting insights.

Program 19: Pauline Epistles (Part 1)

What do we know about the circumstances that led to Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians? What are the teachings of Paul in these letters?

Program 20: Pauline Epistles (Part 2)

What are the Prison Epistles? Why did Paul send a runaway slave back to his master? Did Paul condone slavery?

Program 21: Pauline Epistles (Part 3)

What do we know about the circumstances that led to Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus? Why did Paul ask women to be silent at church?

Program 22: Hebrews

Who wrote the Letter to the Hebrews? What is the message of Hebrews? Does this document refer to the pre-advent judgment mentioned in Daniel 7 and 8?