(Reading and Interpreting Scripture)
WITH: Richard M. Davidson, John C. Peckham, Ed Zinke and Jiří Moskala 
INTERVIEWER: Felix H. Cortez

Hermeneutics refers to the theory of interpretation and its methods. It resides at the foundation of Christian faith and life because it determines the bases of our faith and how we approach Scripture. Should we approach the Bible with trust or distrust? What is the role of reason in matters of faith? Questions about whether the Bible is the word of God or if it can be trusted stand at the foundation for every other belief. The videos in this section aid in laying a solid foundation of trust.

Click on the videos to learn how to answer questions about Faith and Reason: Is scientific knowledge against religion? What principles should guide me when I interpret the scriptures? How was the Bible organized and put together? What is a worldview and how it affects my understanding of Scripture? These and other questions are unpacked in the interviews.