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This Website Was Created with You in Mind

The Adventist Theological Society is thrilled to present This is a place to engage in conversation on contemporary issues relating to faith and the Bible.

ATS has had success in promoting the scholarly dialogue through its journals, symposia, and international conferences. We believe, however, that it is time now to draw closer to you as a leader or a member in the local church. We believe that one of the best ways to serve you is through a series of short videos that address issues on Bible and faith in simple language. You will appreciate the quick informed answers from recognized scholars that you can also share with friends through a simple link or use in Bible study groups. offers a place to explore Biblical and theological questions relevant to our lives. Join the community of the Adventist Theological Academy and share with others what you have learned.

Carl P. Cosaert

Adventist Theological Society

Video Series and Plans for the Future


“Faithful to the Scriptures”: 30-Minute Conversations about the Bible and Us

The is the first series of videos we have recorded and posted on It consists of 28 programs of 30 minutes each. They are professionally recorded and can be used individually or in small group settings.

This series talks about hermeneutics, the Sola Scriptura Principle, and introduces the 66 books of the Bible. It will help viewers understand the two main dangers in biblical interpretation: Allegory (a non-literal interpretation of the Bible that spiritualizes the meaning of the Bible according to the interest and views of the reader) and Selectivity (a literalistic interpretation of certain passages that fit the interests and views of the reader and the neutralization of the texts that contradict them).


“Faithful to God”: 30-Minute Conversations about Faith and Life

This series will be recorded in 2016 and 2017. Its purpose is to introduce viewers to Seventh-day Adventist theology. It will consist of 52 programs that will talk about worldview, the Sola Scriptura Principle, and will introduce the 27 chapters of the Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology. It will also help members understand what is a Biblical worldview and how it affects life.


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Our Purpose

The Adventist Theological Academy is a short video resource for the church on matters relating to Scripture, Faith, and Life relevant to pastors and church members. Its purpose is to promote the study of the Bible and a better understanding of its message.

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